Welcome to RedPath Media. supporting you and your network as a publisher, get off to the best start.

Onboarding Support from the RedPath Media Team

As a RedPath Media Publisher, we understand the importance of a seamless start. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the technical setup process, ensuring that you're equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to hit the ground running.

Key Value Targeting: Leverage the Power of User Data

By providing us with valuable user insights, advertisers can precisely target your traffic. This increases the value of your inventory and allows you to command higher rates in terms of CPM or CPC.

Eye Catching and Unique Ad Zones Available

Discover a range of eye-catching and distinctly unique ad zones at your disposal. Our carefully curated selection offers advertisers prime real estate to showcase their content in a way that captivates audiences.

We have Buyers Waiting

We have a dedicated pool of eager buyers actively seeking opportunities within our ad network. Advertisers ready to connect with high-quality inventory and tap into your engaged audience.

Ongoing Support & Results from our Business Development Team

Our seasoned sales team are a force to be reckoned with, tirelessly navigating the advertising landscape to bring unparalleled value to our publishers. With years of expertise under their belts, they're dedicated to uncovering the most promising up-and-coming advertisers in your industry.

Competitive Revenue Shares Available

We take immense pride in offering our publishers some of the most competitive revenue shares in the industry. Our commitment to transparency and fairness means that our partners receive a substantial portion of the earnings generated through their platforms.