RedPath’s Remarkable Rendezvous: 2023 TES Affiliate Conference in Prague! 🇨🇿

September marked a significant milestone for the RedPath team as they embarked on a thrilling journey to the picturesque city of Prague for the much anticipated TES Affiliate Conference. Renowned as a melting pot for the affiliate marketing industry’s brightest minds, the City of Prague welcomed more than 2000 affiliate marketers across a spectrum of user industries. 

Professionals from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, binary options, health, nutraceuticals and many others, gathered for an intensive three-day networking event.

A Networking Extravaganza!

One of the standout features of the conference was the unparalleled networking opportunities it offered. RedPath seized the chance to connect with influencers, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs from across the globe. From casual meet-and-greets to intensive discussions, the team was immersed in a sea of creativity and innovation.

Day 1. The Warm Up

Over 100+ exhibitors participate in the ‘Meet Market’ – a highly charged, 3 hour, networking event where exhibitors & delegates gather for the first time to showcase their products/services and meet up with all the attendees. 

Then onto dinner! After a packed day of networking, the RedPath team headed to get some well earned grub with GSM. When the Mexican food had been polished off, the team headed out to a party at ‘Cafe 80’s’ with the lovely people of Traffic Partner! Not a bad first day indeed!

The RedPath Dream Team! (L-R) Dave, Elliott, Rich & Ross 💪🏼
The RedPath Dream Team! (L-R) Dave, Elliott, Rich & Ross 💪🏼

Day 2. It Begins ...

The second and third days are the main conference & expo days which feature a schedule consisting of specialty seminar tracks, expert-to-expert panels, product presentations, speed presentation sessions and keynote speakers. 

It was here that the team met up with David Cliff, one of our longest standing White Label Dating partners, and headed out to dinner in the evening. In true RedPath style, the team couldn’t ignore an invite from ‘Clikadu’ to join them at the Duplex later on for a little boogie! ‘When in Rome Prague’!

Day 3. The Home Stretch!

The final conference day! After the hustle and bustle, the team enjoyed a riverboat cruise on the Vltava, courtesy of our lovely friends at Flirt4Free and their captain, ‘’the host with the most” – Todd Wing! 

To top it all off, the team enjoyed drinks in the warm Prague evening, with the lovely people of TrafficBull, GeoEarnings & CoinSmart.

Knowledge Exchange

The conference agenda was packed with insightful panels and keynote sessions, each offering a unique perspective on the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

RedPath X WLD - Dual Presence, Dual Impact

Alongside our RedPath Media advertising offering, our White Label Dating product was also a star of the show. A hot topic of conversation with current and new advertisers, we’re excited to share new online dating brands being launched over the next few weeks by both entrepreneurs and digital marketeers alike … watch this space!

Networking at TES

Key Takeaways

As the RedPath team bid farewell to Prague, they carried with them a treasure trove of insights and connections. In the world of digital, affiliate and performance marketing, where staying ahead is paramount, RedPath’s presence at TES was nothing short of a great success.

The Conference continues to serve as a catalyst for growth, equipping the team with the tools needed to drive RedPath forward with both new and existing partnerships and nurture the exciting new landscape of change in the months to come!

R&E Titanic

Stay tuned for more updates, breakthroughs, and industry-shaping moments as RedPath Media Group growth continues. The journey is thrilling, and the best is yet to come!

Strap in for another successful (and spooky 🎃👻) month ahead!

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